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The Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence invites professionals and the public to attend the second annual Domestic Violence Awareness Symposium. This virtual event aims to bring domestic violence to the forefront of policy and foster community discussions through forward-thinking presentations and trainings. This free event is open to the community regardless of professional or educational background. 

If you did not get the chance to attend last year’s CCDV Domestic Violence Awareness Symposium, we encourage you to view the recorded sessions here.

Take a look at the descriptions for our General Sessions below. Additional session information will soon be available in our symposium program.

Session 1: Addressing Domestic Violence Through a Public Health Lens

  • Speaker: L.Y. Marlow, Saving Promise, and Bizu Gelaye, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


  • Session Description: The objectives of this talk will be to review the life-course burden of DV, risk factors and its effects on health outcomes; summarize existing efforts and gaps in addressing DV from a public health lens, and describe the Harvard Learning Lab, ongoing efforts, and future directions.


Session 2: Assessing Challenges, Needs, and Innovations of Gender-Based Violence During the Covid19 Pandemic

  • Speaker: Dr. Kellie Lynch, University of Texas at San Antonio


  • Session Description: This session will present findings of a study conducted in collaboration with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence that examined the experiences and perspectives of victim service workers across the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact that times of crisis have on the dynamics of gender-based violence and ability to serve victims will be discussed.


Session 7: Incorporating Self-Sufficiency in Delivering Legal Services to Survivors

  • Speaker: Eileen Reilly, Women’s Center for Advancement


  • Session Description: This workshop presentation will take you through the steps utilized by the Legal Department at the Women’s Center for Advancement in Omaha Nebraska (WCA) as they moved from the traditional model of full representation to a limited scope representation/workshop/clinic format. It will include practical considerations for someone who is contemplating this type of a change, as well as critical data collected over the years to illustrate the efficacy and impact of this kind of service delivery model. The workshop will also discuss the impact of providing legal clients with the opportunity to be a part of their own legal representation, and how that experience intersects with a broader goal of self-sufficiency and long-term success for the client.


Wrap up Session: What happened during the 87th Legislative Session?

  • Speakers: Molly Voyles and Krista del Gallo, Texas Council on Family Violence


  • Session Description: This workshop will provide an overview of the priorities for the Texas Council on Family Violence in the 87th Legislative Session with a focus on the funding that supports family violence centers and relevant bills that passed. We’ll also discuss themes and trends and what victim advocates can expect next AND what you can do in the coming months to be a part of policy solutions for survivors in Texas.